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Vocational Guidance

Vocational assessment

Vocational guidance

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Within the Five Lands Academy program you will be able to access several vocational guidance tests that will help you find out which university degrees fit 100% with your profile, tastes, competencies and skills. These tests evaluate various aspects of your personality and offer you guidance in selecting a degree path.

Countries such as the United States or Canada are more flexible when it comes to choosing a degree, since you can even start a degree without declaring it and thus be able to try several areas in order to choose one. However, in European countries it is more complicated and you have to apply for admission to a specific degree.

We know how difficult it is to make this decision and that is why we provide you with these vocational guidance tools to make it easier for you. Subscribe to our academy now!

Interests profile

The purpose of this test is to make you reflect on your hobbies, existing interests and to recognize the personal attributes that allow you to enjoy that hobby. The characteristics evaluated are the following:

  • Entrepreneurs: Persuasive talkers who enjoy being the center of attention.
  • Conventional: Great organizers who like to work within a clear structure.
  • Artistic: Creatives who often rebel against rules and structure.
  • Realists: Doers who like building things and working with their hands.
  • Investigative: Independent thinkers who love working on interesting problems.
  • Social: People-lovers who enjoy close personal relationships

Personality profile

This test will help you to know how you interact with the rest of the world and to which aspects you give more importance. You will see where you fall on the personality scale. The scale contains the following attributes:

  • Extravert (thrive off their friends and their environment ) or Introvert (need some time alone to recharge).
  • Sensor (live in the present and do things they enjoy ) or Intuitive (try new things and daydream about the future ).
  • Feeler (use emotions when making decisions ) or Thinker (use objective facts when making decisions ).
  • Judger (enjoy having a plan and decisions made ) or Perceiver (go with the flow and keep options open ).

Skills profile

This test estimates your strengths or weaknesses in <b>22 different skills</b> by means of specific real cases that are presented to you in different academic and work environment areas. These skills are grouped into the following categories:

  • Hard skills
  • Abilities
  • People skills
  • Attitude

Work environments profile

Work environments describe what life will be like at work, from the surroundings to the activities and situations you will find yourself in. This test will allow you to reflect on the <b>different work environments</b> and thus be able to decide in which ones <b>you feel more comfortable and in which ones you do not</b>. Some of the environments that you will be able to evaluate are:

  • Jobs requiring highly professional behavior
  • Indoor and/or sedentary jobs
  • Freelance work
  • Practical or manual work
  • Work with critical responsibility
  • Emotional work
  • Group work
  • Irregular, non-repetitive work

Global University Platform

All the vocational guidance tests are included in our online Global University Platform where you can also find:

  • Career orientation tests
  • Search for the best online and summer courses by subjects. Access to weekly webinars
  • Search for career options with videos from industry experts
  • Data vault in the cloud to share with your consultant
  • Search for career path and watch with videos from industry experts

Everything to help maximize your chances of success

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Complementary Services

As part of our university consulting services, we also offer the following optional and <strong>exclusive</strong> services <strong>for our students</strong>

SAT/ACT Preparation

The SAT is the entrance exam for admission to most U.S. colleges and universities. We offer you online training in real time with expert teachers.

TOEFL Preparation

English level is a fundamental requirement to enter a university in English-speaking countries. We offer you online training

Oxbridge and Medical preparation courses

Preparation courses for the main entrance tests to the University of Oxford, Cambridge University and Medicine in Europe (BMAT, UKCAT and HPAT).

Research Projects

Work on your own research project with a mentor from a TOP university and and publish if you wish your research in a scientific magazine.

Work Experience

Do an internship in a start-up in your sector and get the experience you need to apply to the best universities around the world.

Official Translation Services

We offer multiple language translation services which can be notarized if needed

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