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Your Journey

Your Journey

College Application Preparation
We Enhance your future!

We offer guidance to you and your family throughout the entire college preparation process. We evaluate your academic history, advise you in the creation of your resume and essays, support you in the preparation of entrance exams and interviews, and help you discover the best opportunities for your future. Likewise, we advise you in the application process for admission to the universities of your choice.

We boost your academic profile to increase your chances of success. We put at your disposal all our knowledge, experience, a wide range of technological resources and support in all phases of the process.

Our college application preparation is fully online and we work with your schedule.

Advice and application preparation

We assess your profile and help you identify the universities that best suit your interests, abilities, and help you to prepare for the application process.

  • SAT mock test
  • Grades conversion for destination country system
  • Extra-curricular activities selection
  • Vocational guidance
  • Best-Fit Plan with proposed universities
  • Action plan
  • Support in registering for official tests

Guidance and support in the admissions process

We guide you and provide specialized support throughout the application process to maximize your chances of success.

  • Access to online platform of universities around the world
  • Orientation, training, career exploration and college search resources
  • Numerous Webinars and Master Classes
  • Review of Essays
  • Comprehensive review of each admissions application prior to submission
  • Coordination with the school
  • Advice and preparation for interviews

Support in the enrollment phase

Once you have received your admissions acceptance, we guide you through the registration process, visa application, and access to the country of your destination.

  • Class registration
  • Visa
  • Housing
  • Cultural Aspects

Global Universities Platform

Our college application preparation programs offer access to our most complete Global Universities Platform that will allow you to perform:

  • Career orientation tests
  • Search for the best online and summer courses by subjects. Access to weekly webinars
  • Search for career options with videos from industry experts
  • Data Storage in the cloud to share with your consultant
  • Search for career path and watch videos from industry experts

Everything to help maximize your chances of success

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Complementary Services

We also offer the following optional services within our college application preparation programs just for our students.

SAT/ACT Preparation

The SAT is the entrance exam for admission to most U.S. colleges and universities. We offer you online training in real time with expert teachers.

TOEFL Preparation

English level is a fundamental requirement to enter a university in English-speaking countries. We offer you online training.

Oxbridge & Medical preparation courses

Preparation courses for Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Preparation for medical admissions exams at European Universities (BMAT, UKCAT and HPAT).

Research Projects

Work on your own research project alongside a mentor from a TOP university and publish if you wish your research in a scientific magazine.

Work Experience

Do an internship in a start-up in your sector and get the experience you need to apply to the best universities around the world.

Official Translation Services

We offer multiple language translation services which can be notarized if needed.

Let's start your journey to success!