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SAT Test Preparation

SAT Test Preparation

What is the SAT

The SAT is the college entrance exam in the United States. It is a standardized test used worldwide whose purpose is to determine the level of each student with respect to two skills only, reading & writing and mathematics . Minimum skills required in college regardless of the career you are going to study.

The SAT is designed and administered by CollegeBoard in the United States and is offered at thousands of centers around the world. Registration is centralized by this organization and the exam is unique worldwide (it is not possible to take it from home). The new digital version of this exam allows it to be taken on a computer or tablet instead of on paper as before. There are several available dates during the year, bearing in mind that you can take this test as many times as you want and submit the best score. In many institutions there is the concept of Superscore, where the university uses the best score from each section in different tests.

What is the structure of the SAT exam?

The SAT test lasts approximately 2 hours and the score range goes from a minimum of 400 points to a maximum of 1600 points. The exam has two sections and each section is scored up to a maximum of 800 points. These sections are:

  • Reading & Writing: Section that evaluates reading comprehension and writing in English (but is not an English test). The minimum score is 200 points and the maximum score is 800. The duration of this section is approximately 64 minutes.
  • Mathematics: Section that evaluates the ability to solve simple mathematical problems (the use of a calculator is allowed). The minimum score is 200 points and the maximum score is 800. The duration of this section is approximately 70 minutes.

Where and when can I take the SAT

As previously mentioned, the SAT must be taken at an approved test center, so when you start the registration process for the test, you can choose the center closest to you. ColleBoard has hundreds of approved centers around the world so it is not difficult to find one near you. Test dates are the same worldwide and usually occur within the following months (see SAT Test Dates & Deadlines for more information):

  • March
  • May
  • June
  • October
  • November
  • December

Where can I access according to the score obtained

As stated above, the SAT does not limit what you want to study, but where you want to study it. In other words, you will be able to study whatever you want in the United States, but if you want to study in certain universities you must obtain a specific score. It is important to know that the SAT is accepted in many European universities, so if you have taken it you can, in many cases, use it instead of the entrance exam from the university. Indicative access ranges are as follows:

  • TOP Universities: Above 1500
  • Universities high rank: Above 1350
  • Mid-range universities: Above 1200
  • All other universities: Above 1000 or do not require.
  • European Universities: Above 1200

How do I prepare for the SAT

All of our students at Five Lands receive support in preparing for this exam, as well as determining which training is best suited to their academic goals. Preparing for the SAT is not about reinforcing English and Mathematics. It's all about: knowing how to take the exam, knowing how to interpret the questions you are asked, and controlling your time properly.

Depending on the needs of each student, we propose one training or another, or none at all if it is not necessary. We offer from totally "free training" to paid expert training for those students who have high scores and aspire to high ranking or TOP universities.

Expert SAT training consists of real-time online classes with expert SAT teachers from the United States. It lasts 6 to 8 weeks with online classes during 6 hours per week. There is a wide range of courses starting almost weekly so it is easy to find one that fits your official exam dates.

Design your SAT strategy

At Five Lands we help you not only to prepare for this exam but also to <b>design the best strategy according to your academic goals</b>. There are several aspects that you should take into account before taking this test. Our consultants evaluate your profile and propose the best way to prepare and take this test. Some important aspects to take into account are:

  • My initial level (mock test) and predictive score
  • What college rank am I looking for
  • How much time do I have before the application process?
  • If I take Early Action or Early Decision
  • If the university offers the possibility of applying for admission as Test-optional

Contact us and we will tell you how we can help you.

See SAT tutorial

Let's start your journey to success!