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Our Programs

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Five Lands Academy

This program is ideal, if you want to go through the college selection, preparation, and application process on your own.

We offer you access to an online Global Universities Platform where you can explore more than 1000 universities worldwide, compare different institutions and degrees, explore scholarships and financing options among many other resources. You will also be able to attend our monthly Webinars and Master Classes.

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Early Preparation

If you are in your third year before graduation and want to start preparing early and without stress, this program is for you.

Specifically designed for those students who want to start preparing early to maximize their chances of admission to top-ranked universities. During this year long program, you will have free access to our Five Lands Academy. Your academic profile will be carefully assessed to tailor an Action Plan comprising a comprehensive range of activities. In addition, you will have all the support and help so you can excel in your academic pursuits and extracurricular endeavors.

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Full Academic Advising

If you are a junior or senior about to graduate, this program is tailored specifically for you.

With this program you will have all the necessary support in all the activities related to the university search, preparation, application and registration. During the course of this program, you will have free access to our Five Lands Academy. We will create a personalised Action Plan with detailed activities and select the best universities for you based on your academic profile. We will guide you through the application process and provide assistance with accommodation and visa arrangements.

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Fast Track

If you are looking for an easy, fast, and straightforward process, this program is for you. You will be able to choose from a pre-selected list of universities and colleges in different countries.

Through this program, we provide you with a quick and easy option. Regardless of your situation, you can experience university life. Search, choose and access; everything is very simple. The requirements are minimal and we will support you through the whole process making sure it is quick and easy.

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