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Prepare early for college admission

By starting to prepare early for college admission, you can greatly increase your chances of admission, minimize stress, and take full advantage of the resources we offer to ensure a successful experience.


  • Subscription to Five Lands Academy
  • SAT and English level evaluation (if needed)
  • Personalized action plan
  • Online counseling with specialized consultants
  • Guidance in the selection of your school curriculum
  • Help in the search for pre-college programs and extracurricular activities
  • Essay review and help with summer camps selection
  • Access to our weekly online open advising sessions (OAS)

Your journey to success in 3 steps


In this first step we collect all the necessary data to get to know you better and develop the best Action Plan for your profile. It is in this step where you will have your first meeting with a consultant as well as registering in the Global Universities Platform.


Once all the data has been compiled, we will design a personalized Action Plan where we will indicate the results of the tests taken, the conversion of your academic grades, your current profile according to the types of universities and a list of tasks.


This step is designed to provide you continuous support from a consultant that will answer all the doubts that you may have like course selection, summer camps, and how to prepare for the admission exams to universities in other countries.

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