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Community Colleges

Community Colleges

What is a Community College

Community colleges are divisions of state universities that allow students to attend college for the first two years and then transfer to a university and graduate from there. This is the so-called 2+2 Model (2 years at Community Colleges + 2 years at the chosen university). This is a very widespread model among North American students since about 45% of undergraduate students in the United States start in this type of institution to later transfer and graduate from a university.

Walt Disney, George Lucas, Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, astronaut Eileen Collins, Black & Decker CEO Nolan Archibald, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the first Hispanic woman in Congress leana Ros-Lehtinen, Morgan Freeman are some of the celebrities who studied at community colleges and then transferred to a university.

Benefits of Community Colleges

This model (so little known in Europe) is becoming very popular among international students because of the many benefits it offers, among them:

  • Financial savings, 1/3 of the average cost of a university
  • Simple and fast admissions process
  • Small class sizes, 20 to 40 students per class
  • Higher admission rate than at a university
  • Guarantee Transfer to a University: if you meet the requirements, in the third year you can transfer to a university and graduate from it.
  • Possibility to be accepted without graduating from high school: If you are over 18 years of age.

Continued support and Guidance

A community college works just like a university where you can choose the career you want. You must take a maximum number of 60 credits of which about 30 are electives or general education. In order to ensure the transfer you must follow the list of transferable credits of the host university.

At the beginning, even before you start classes, you will be able to have virtual meetings with a Community Colleges advisor who will help you choose the best classes to facilitate a future transfer. You decide which university you want to transfer to, and the advisor will help you build the most appropriate class schedule each semester.

Our offer

To ensure an exceptional experience for you, we've curated a list of Community Colleges in the United States, renowned for their diverse career offerings. These institutions excel in catering to international students, offering a distinctive environment based on their location and weather.

We present you four outstanding Community Colleges situated in California and Florida. All of them offer a remarkably affordable tuition, an extensive array of majors, and a dynamic campus and a wealth of experience with international students

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